Important Tips For Deck Remodeling

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September 1, 2022

Important Tips for Deck Remodeling In 2022

We are going to talk about a few tips that people recommend for when you remodel your deck. However, these are just some of the tips that people are thinking about when remodeling the deck. We are going to look at professional tips and personal tips from people who have had their decks remodeled in the past. These tips may allow you to have better ideas for your deck if you aren’t planning to hire a local home remodeling company

Bigger is Better 

No one has ever said I wish I made this smaller. That is why you should always go bigger. Go as big as your budget and home allows. Keep in mind that you want it to still compliment your home, but you want it to be as big as it can. No one will regret having the extra space when it comes time to host a party or get together. 

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Lifestyle Choices 

Before you remodel, you should consider your lifestyle. Consider your family and what you do on your deck. If you host parties, you may want a larger deck. If you are looking to have a pool installed, you will need a different type of deck surrounding that pool. 

Again, if you like to entertain groups of people, you should consider having a multi-tier deck. You can make an area for lounging and playing games, an area for cooking, and an area for gathering. 

If you have smaller gatherings or it is just your family and you, you may decide to have a single level deck built. You may even decide to have a bench built into your deck. This will allow you to have adequate space outdoors while entertaining. 

Railing Space 

Railings are supposed to withstand two hundred pounds, however, many deck railings do not uphold to this standard. People also believe that they can put the pickets or other elements four feet apart. However, this rule is not a good one. Your spaces should not be bigger than three and seven-eighths inches apart. This is so that the railing complies with all regulations and can withstand the two-hundred-pound impact load. 

The purpose of this railing is to ensure that people are not going to fall if they slip and grab the railing. If you do not have this railing like this, you could be at risk of injuries to those who may slip and fall on the deck. The railing is the main spot of your deck and a safety precaution that should be taken into consideration. 

Secondary Living Space 

Many people will use their deck as a secondary living room or living space. That is why you should optimize your deck with lighting. Lighting is going to be essential if you use this space as an outdoor living room. Lighting will allow you to use the space in the dark hours and increase the beauty of it as well. Plus, with more lighting, means more security. People are not going to want to break into a place that the deck is lit like the holidays! 

There are many lighting options available for you deck. You can consider under the railing lighting, LED lights, star lights, and so much more. You could even install a chandelier if you wanted! The space will go from looking good to looking great with optimal lighting fixtures. 

Floating Deck 

There is less that can go wrong if you are doing a floating deck by yourself. However, if you are going to build an extravagant deck, it would be best to leave that to the professionals. While floating decks are much easier and there is less that can go wrong, there are still ways that a professional can help improve the overall aesthetic of your deck. 

Solid Stain 

Many experienced deck remodelers will have you choose a solid stain. This is because paint will not absorb into the wood as stain would. Stain looks like paint, but it absorbs into the wood. Stain lasts longer than paint and solid stain looks better than paint. There are many assorted color stains available for you to pick from as well. 

Design for the Space Usage 

You need to consider who is using the deck. This is what you need to build your deck around. It needs to fit the needs of you and your home. You should consider if you want to use environmentally friendly items or if you are just getting a deck done. You should also ensure that it follows any ADA requirements. Make sure the area is safe for pets and children if you have any or plan to have any in the future. 

The Sun 

When you have a deck, the sun will warm it up. That is why it should be ideal to have a sunny side and a side in the shade. This means that you will be able to use your deck no matter what the weather is. There will be a spot for everyone. 

Plus, if you are going to entertain people, you want to make sure that everyone has a spot they enjoy. Making areas that are in the sun and some in the shade will make it ideal for everyone who comes to visit and sits on your deck. 


For those who have parties outside on their deck, the biggest recommendation is music. Life music is one of the best ways to entertain guests. Think about what you may want to add. Adding an outdoor kitchen is always recommended too if you like to entertain people. 

Wrapping Up: Important Tips For Deck Remodeling

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You should now know important tips about deck remodeling in 2022 and we wish you all the best.