Signs It May Be Time For A Kitchen Renovation

signs it's time for a kitchen renovation
August 23, 2022

Signs It May Be Time for A Kitchen Renovation 

Are you wondering about the signs it may be time for a kitchen renovation? What about whether or not you would benefit from home remodeling services? As you know, it is essential to have a functioning kitchen. That is why you should ensure that it is always kept in decent shape.

When your kitchen is functioning and kept in attractive shape, entertaining guests is much easier. Plus, it will help ensure that you are comfortable in your own home. We are going to talk about a few signs that you may notice when it is time for a kitchen renovation


6 Important Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

No Storage Space 

Nothing is worse than going to put groceries away and dishes and you do not have enough space. Finding places for everything may prove to be difficult when there is not enough storage space. It is at this point you need to determine if you need more storage space or just need more space in general. 

To find what works for you, talk to a professional. They will help you determine if you should increase the size of the kitchen or add more storage. Many times there are numerous important benefits of remodeling your home and your kitchen so it really shouldn’t even be a question.

If you are looking for more storage, you may consider having custom kitchen cabinets made. An island is also a promising idea. Especially if there are storage areas inside of it such as drawers and cabinets. You may also think about adding a walk-in food pantry to help store everything. For those who are limited on space, adding shelving units or pot racks is a clever idea as well. 


Appliances are Outdated 

When your appliances are outdated, it could cost you more money than anything. Older appliances are not as energy efficient as newer appliances. Because of that, you are going to have a higher electric bill. 

Just because something still works, does not mean that we should always use it. As stated above, it could be using more energy than new appliances. You also could be at risk of it breaking down at any minute. You do not want your refrigerator to go out when you are at work. You will lose a lot of food and money. You also do not want to go cook dinner and your stove does not work. 

It is important that you are looking at your appliances when you are thinking about remodeling. Determine which ones are going to need to be replaced and which ones are going to be kept. If they are old, it is best to get a new one if you can afford it. 


It is essential to have adequate lighting options in your kitchen. If you do not have proper lighting, it could be dangerous. You could accidently cut yourself or trip on something with a hot pan of water. It is important that you are looking at the lighting situation. 

You could increase the light in your kitchen from adding more windows. You can even add skylights if you would like. If you are okay with simple light fixtures, these can be added as well. Plus, always use lighter colors when painting a kitchen or doing backsplash. 

Layout Is not Comfortable 

 The layout of your kitchen should make sense to you. It should be easy to use and comfortable to navigate. If you are walking into walls or knocking over things in your kitchen, it may be time for a remodel.

When you are thinking about a different layout, make sure that you are making the space make sense. Make it open and easy to navigate. Many people choose to put the stove next to the sink or closer. Many people will create a kid’s counter that is lower than the rest. These are all viable options for your kitchen. 


If you have an area that seems cramped or there is an area with too much counter space, then you may want to consider talking to a professional. They can help you determine the best route. Some instances, the best layout will come with storage spaces added. Take the time to call a professional for the best advice. Call Mimar Construction for all your kitchen renovation needs. Whether you have a question or want to have a full renovation, Mimar has you covered. 

Hard to Clean 

If there are a lot of nooks and crannies in the kitchen, it may make it hard to clean. Make sure that you are looking at the remodel logically. You want an area that is easier to clean than before. Make sure that you can clean the space as efficiently as possible. 

 For example, if you cannot dust the top cabinets, you may want to consider open shelving. You may also install lower cabinets as well. This will help reduce dust and dirt in the kitchen as well. 


Wrapping Up: 6 Signs It May Be Time For A Kitchen Renovation

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, then odds are that you need to. Do not question what you are thinking. Simply call Mimar Construction for your next kitchen remodel. Take the time and ask all the questions you need. Mimar Construction of New Jersey will ensure that you are well cared for.  They provide a variety of services too in addition to kitchen renovations in New Jersey!

We hope you enjoyed our post and understand the 6 signs it may be time for a kitchen renovation.