What Does Home Remodeling Consist Of?

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September 2, 2022

What Does Home Remodeling Consist Of? 

Are you wondering what does home remodeling consist of? In this post on the Mimar Construction blog, we will discuss all the aspects of home remodeling and residential remodeling services.  You can also request a quote on your next home remodeling project by reaching out to Mimar Construction.  So read on and let’s tackle this topic!

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Renovating Your Home Can Help You In Many Ways And Consists Of Many Things!

Are you sitting in your home right now or even at work thinking about your house? Are you mad or angry because it is outdated or feels tiny? You might even be looking for a new home but cannot seem to find one that fits your needs or that you love to pieces. There might even be a time where you want to sell but you need to remodel your home first. There are many reasons that may cause you to want to update or remodel your home. Whether it be to fit your new life or to make it picture-perfect for the next people who move into your home, Mimar Construction has you covered. 

People often remodel homes because they have a change in their life. This could include another child or relative coming to live with them. The current layout of the home does not currently fit your needs. Some projects are much smaller and are just a single-room project. Things like bathroom remodeling would be a great example of this. People who start with a single-room project often spill the project to other parts of the house. These remodels will eventually become a whole-house project. 

In fact, many older homes are going to be opened. They are going to have a more open concept. The spaces are going to flow and the cabinets, appliances, as well as fixtures are going to be updated to fit your new aesthetic. 

Whole-Home Remodel 

Many people look at a house remodel and are often overwhelmed with the large project. There are a lot of different things to consider when thinking about remodeling as well. Even if you are only thinking about remodeling one room, it is a big decision. The biggest thing to remember is that remodeling your home is an investment. This is going to increase the value of your home and how functionable it is as well. The best place to begin is your plan. 

Starting With a Plan

All large projects begin with an idea. However, you should not just run on that idea. There are too many distinct factors to consider with a remodel. You cannot see something halfway done and not like it. You need to plan and research. All factors of the remodel should be discussed in detail. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your plan. 


You want to ensure that you have inspiration. Looking through magazines or even visiting local hardware stores will give you inspiration. Before you can cash in on these dreams that you have, you must have a vision that is able to be seen. 

Make sure that what you have in your head will work in your home. Determine if it is an effective way to spend what budget you have. Ensure that you have a top five or ten things that you must have in your remodel. 


You want to determine how much of your home you are going to remodel. This is going to help you determine many other things such as budget. Determine what you need by what is in your head. Do you need another room or another story? Make sure that you are getting all permits before adding on. A company such as Mimar Construction will ensure that all permits are in hand before any remodeling is done. 


Everyone has unique styles and designs that they want. You should determine what you want in your home with people who share the house. Maybe they are not wanting the same things that you do. 

It is best to pick a style that will be around for a while. Just in case you decide you want to sell your home or so that you do not have to remodel again in a few years. Super trendy picks only last about three years. Do not purchase items that are not going to be able to sell later. Modern, industrial, and rustic are all very trendy styles that have been around for a while. 


The sky is the limit when it comes to remodeling. However, your budget is going to be the factor that decides how much you can spend. This is where your top five or ten needs will come into play. Make sure that all your needs are taken care of before you spend more money on your wants. Before a remodel, set yourself a realistic budget so that you are not blown away by what things costs by just going off ideas in your head. 

Renovation: Step by Step 

Now that you know what you want and you have a plan, it is time to talk about what you can expect with a home remodel. We are going to talk about the main steps of an interior home remodel. This will help you have a better idea of what to expect when the remodel time comes. 

Keep in mind that the order may change based on different companies. However, the stages are all used in each remodel project. Read on to learn how the project works! 


Before anything new can be brought in, the old stuff needs to be taken away. Demolition is going to mean one of two things. This could be as easy as pulling up old carpet or as large as tearing your walls down or slicing parts of the roof. 

Some projects can be done in a single day while others are going to take a lot longer. You need to ensure that you are planning a place to stay during the demolition phase. You do not want to have dust and debris flying around you while you are trying to eat lunch! 


After the demolition portion is complete, the rebuild will commence. This may include things such as hiring siding contractors and experienced masonry contractors in your area.

At this point if your walls are being added, this is where it will begin. The wood framing will be assembled with windows and doors as well. For add-ons, the roof will be closed and added with other exterior items such as siding. 


At this point the skeleton of the house is done. The rooms are now completed as a base. Now it is time to put the utilities in the space. Many spaces will have this in the rebuild section. However, it will depend on who you hire. 

For many people, this is an ideal time to upgrade the wiring on their homes. This is especially true if you live in an older home. If you are using new appliances, odds are that the electrical panel will need upgrading as well. 

For bathroom remodels, gas and water are something that needs to be considered. This is the same for kitchens. Water lines are not simple to move. That means the remodel may have to be done carefully with the existing pipes. However, during this time may be a suitable time to redo the water lines. An updated water supply line with new pipes will be quiet and more efficient. 


After all the skeletal work and mechanicals are done, it is time to put up the walls. Insulation will be used first. This will help keep the cool in and the heat out and vice versa. The walls will be put up and allowed to sit. They will dry and become smooth. At this time, the painting can be done, or wallpaper installed. 


Many people will install flooring after the walls are finished to avoid getting any paint or other residue on the new flooring. Other people recommend doing the flooring first. Again, this is a matter of opinion based on the person you hire. 

Subfloor will be installed during the rebuild stage. Now you will have the regular flooring installed. This could be tile, carpet, or other materials. This is what you want, and it will be installed in this step. 


Personal design is important when it comes to the cabinet stages. New cabinets will be installed in the kitchen or whatever rooms need them. Vanities and other counters will also be installed here as well. If you have a small remodel, this step will often be skipped as it is not needed. 


Once the space is done, the new appliances can be brought in. These are appliances that have been picked out beforehand that are within your budget. This includes sinks, faucets, stoves, and other fixtures. If you have old appliances that are from before the remodel, you can bring them into the new home if you choose. When you are doing kitchen remodeling you will be dealing with appliances so keep that in mind.


This is going to be the area where the final changes are made. There will be an inspection and paint will be touched and areas will be cleaned. This is the last step before your remodel is done. 

Wrapping Up: What Does Home Remodeling Consist Of?

There are many steps to remodeling a house. Planning and budget are the biggest factors. If you are thinking about a remodel, call Mimar Construction. With some of the best service around, you will not be disappointed. Plus, if you have any questions, they will be glad to answer them for you. What are you waiting for, call Mimar Construction today or take a look at their business below!

You should now know what does home remodeling consist of and we wish you all the best!