When To Consider Remodeling Your Fireplace

When To Consider Remodeling Your Fireplace?

Are you wondering when to consider remodeling your fireplace?  This is a common question we hear from tons of homeowners in the area.  You can also read our blog post and learn what does home remodeling consist of to help you answer the question thoroughly.

Best Time For Fireplace Remodeling

There is no set time to upgrade or remodel your fireplace, only when needed or wanted. The first thing to consider is whether the foundation of the hearth needs repair.

If there is evidence that the fireplace is failing or losing its integrity, the homeowner will have to remodel or upgrade. Any delay in this process will result in major repairs to the home.

When the situation includes a fireplace that is not damaged or failing, therefore calls for a different set of steps; here, the most critical elements to consider are the financial hit and the weather—no point in upgrading a fireplace in the dead of winter.

What is the purpose of a fireplace?

A fireplace was created to maintain the warmth of a home, used to cook and boil water, and in some cases, clean. The fireplaces’ role in daily living changed from being the center of attention to a heating source when in the 1850s, the kitchen sink and stove were invented.

Now that water could rush out of the tap and be heated on the stovetop, food could be cooked easier, and the fireplace became a heater. During that same decade, the gas heater was invented.

The fireplace has become an alternative heat source and a decorative piece in today’s world. In some wealthier homes, these decorative creations have taken on an artistic mantel role to display heritage or symbols of status. While in mountain homes, smaller cabins, and older homes, you will find a traditional fireplace designed to keep the house warm and occupants fed.

How much would a remodel cost?

On average, a complete remodel of a generic brick fireplace will cost a homeowner about twelve hundred dollars. In today’s market, there will be more expensive construction ideas; for example, a newly produced gas and wood-burning stove will cost nearly three thousand dollars for the fireplace alone.

The same masonry fireplace of brick or stone will now cost, on average, nearly five thousand dollars for purchase and installation. These prices are averages; it is recommended that you do your research and look around your town for services.

What goes into a Fireplace remodel?

To set up some context, only some repairs include removing the whole fireplace and replacing it with a new one. There are simple remodels, such as a refacing, where the old hearth will get an update or restoration, including a fresh coat of paint, surface repairs, and drywall covering. The truth is that these options will also cost you more than a few thousand dollars, but in comparison to the bigger jobs that require replacing the mantel, these options are more affordable with similar results.

As mentioned before, there will be situations where you will need to replace the crumbling or failing fireplace mantel, and/or chimney stack. When considering a course of action, these jobs have varying degrees of severity; an example would be changing from wood burning to gas. The contractor will need to run gas lines through the walls and into the new fireplace setup, quickly running the bill up to nearly seven thousand or so dollars.

Who does these kinds of renovations?

You can find experts and services in your hometown; there are resources online to help find a suitable contractor and crew. Search for a local construction company by visiting your nearest home improvement store, word of mouth from neighbors, phonebook, or online, and you will find restoration experts.

As always cautioned, if there is time for it, try to shop around and be sure to give your due diligence when researching the companies. Companies such as Mimar Construction in NJ offer a variety of chimney repair services and fireplace remodeling services. You can learn more about their services and home renovations on this page here.

Final thoughts: When To Consider Remodeling Your Fireplace

Fireplace remodels are expensive and should be appropriately timed; there is no point in getting your hearth replaced during winter when you need it. Take the time and review the options open to the homeowner; there might be incentives tucked away and other ways to save money.

When considering this home improvement project, as with anything. Be sure to research, ask previous customers about their experience with the company, get multiple estimates, and make the best-informed decision possible. When you make the right choice, the new mantel will be a bright spot for generations.