Who Do I Call For Chimney Repair Services?

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October 12, 2022

Who Do I call For Chimney Repair Services? 

Are you wondering who do I call for chimney repair services? This post will explain everything you need to know.  Many homeowners aren’t sure what type of contractor to hire for chimney repair. But in this post we will explain everything about who to call and what you should do if you are having problems with your chimney.

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Your Chimney Is Leaking

Your chimney is leaking, and you do not know why. You know you must call for help but who do you call for this problem? It is not exactly your roof, but it is part of your roof. There are three people you can call during this situation, and we will talk about them all. You can call a roofer, a chimney sweeper, and a brick mason. Each person has a different job. It is essential that you know the common reasons a chimney leaks before you call the professionals. We are going to talk about when you should call each professional and why. Keep reading to learn who you should call for your chimney repairs. 

Calling a Roofer 

Roofing companies are often called because they are in charge of what is known as the flashing. They are going to know the flashing aspect of a chimney repair. The reason a chimney may leak could be due to flashing being improperly installed. It could also be due to bad flashing. That is when it is going to be best to call a roofer. 

A roofer will remove all old or damaged flashing and material and install new. With new flashing and counter flashing, the roof will be intact and sealed. You will no longer have to worry about leaking. The seal will be redone between the roof and chimney as well. This will ensure that there will be no more leaking from your chimney. 

Calling A Chimney Sweeper 

There are many services that will be included with a chimney sweeper company. This includes inspecting of all the liners and cleaning any fireplaces. They will also be in charge of installing any chimney caps or dampers that are needed. Remember that a chimney sweep will help with waterproof and sealing the top of your chimney. 

The top of your chimney is known as a crown. When a chimney sweeper comes and does their tasks, they are going to waterproof this and seal the cap. It is also known as a crown. When you waterproof this, it will help ensure that leaks are not a problem. When the brick and crown are waterproofed, they are now two less things that you have to worry about leaking. 

Also, when a chimney sweep is done, they are going to provide you with details about broken or damaged areas. They will fix the areas and waterproof them to ensure there is not a leaking spot. It is best to have your chimney swept at least once a year to ensure that you are not going to face any leaking. Plus, it is always great to have an idea of what condition your chimney is in. If you have broken or damaged areas, you will want to know about it sooner rather than later. 

Brick Masons 

This is the person who oversees the entire construction of a chimney. They are going to be your best option if you have a worn down or broken chimney. Plus, they are the ones who can take down a chimney without a problem and even salvage some of the materials. If a chimney needs to be rebuilt, they are the ones to call. 

Remember About Chimney Repairs And Contractors

It is essential that you know that all of these jobs are going to overlap. There are many people who are going to do all of the services provided in one company. It is best to know what your options are and who to call when you are in a bind. Even if you are not sure who to call, the best place is going to be one that offers all the solutions you may need. 

Jack of All Trades 

If you are in the market for a new chimney, chimney repairs or anything else related to your chimney, you should contact someone who does it all and has for years. Mimar Construction can help you with all chimney problems. Plus, you do not have to worry about going elsewhere to find another professional to do the second half of the job. Our team of trained professionals knows how to finish the entire job without hassle. Not only will you have all the jobs finished in one go, but you will not have to worry about the quality of work that is done. 

Wrapping Up: Who Do I Hire For Chimney Repair Services?

When it comes to your chimney and roof, be sure that you are safe this year from leaks. Get an inspection and have some work done so that you are not compromising your home. Be sure to call Mimar Construction for all your needs this year. One of our specialists will be sure to help you with a smile. Ask your questions and we shall answer with a smile! Take the time to ensure that your chimney is in good condition today with an inspection. Give us a call and set up a time for a chimney inspection.  We also offer free estimates on all of our services so contact us today! 

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You should now better understand who should I contact for chimney repair services and we wish you all the best!